Saint Clair Vineyard Half Marathon

I’ve been meaning to write up this incredible event for a while now…with the move back to the UK and the new website to set up, the blog has been a bit neglected, but I am back in force with a shiny new format and plenty of wine related musings to post.

An incredible highlight of my last month in New Zealand was the Saint Clair Half Marathon which took place in the Marlborough Vineyards at the top of New Zealand’s South Island.
This is such an amazing event, for anyone interested in running, wine, or just looking for a good day out I highly recommend this event!
Highlights for me were receiving my trophy at the end of the course in wine bottle format- a lovely bottle of The Saint Clair Vineyard Sauvignon Blanc, running through the stunning Cloudy Bay Vineyard at the 10k point, the refreshing Sauvignon Blanc gelato at 13k and the bagpipe players on the final end straight. The course was so scenic, running through the vines with the morning sunlight breaking through was beautiful. I can’t think of a more stunning course to run my first half marathon on.
A simply wonderful event- check out more info here:














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