Framingham Vineyard Marlborough

Framingham Vineyard was a real stand out vineyard in the Blenheim area for me.  The entrance to the cellar door was through a pretty little archway which led to a very sweet courtyard with a water fountain in the middle.  It was a little haven and we were informed they sometimes have concerts in there.  A picture perfect garden. More bands should play in vineyards.  Especially those that have settings like this.

Framingham may sound familiar to UK readers.  I was informed that they supply wine to one of Gordon Ramsay’s London Restaurants.  I really like the way the vineyard have branded their wines, there’s something that feels very cool about their approach.  I think they have the right balance between class and innovation in their design.

Whilst waiting for my flight at Heathrow back to New Zealand over Christmas time I decided to take a rest from the busy crowds and put my feet up at the Seafood Bar which was perfectly positioned for me to drool over the Chanel Handbags in the window opposite.   I overheard the customer opposite me ask for a recommendation to go with his seafood platter.  The barman responded to this, ‘You simply must try this ‘New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc’.  It was none other than the Framingham Sav on the wine list! I was pleased to see the wine of such a lovely little vineyard had made it to Heathrow’s hustle and bustle and made a mental note to stock up on a bottle or two once I had returned to New Zealand.

The original vineyard was established by Wellington engineer Rex Brooke-Taylor who took the name Framingham from his ancestral home town near Norwich, England.

Despite being based in a region known for it’s excellent white wine, I was also impressed with the reds that Framingham had to offer and I absolutely loved the Montepulciano 2009.

19 Conders Bend Road, PO Box 37 Renwick, New Zealand.

Phone: +64 3572 8884
Fax: +64 3 572 9884

Opening Hours:

Mon – Sun: 10:30 – 16:30






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